Game of Sultans bot: What is it?


Bot’s purpose

What about balance?

How does it work


The bot was born by usual players, who wanted to get maximum from their sultans and not to spend all their time to the game. So twinks for banquets, pirate event, invite friends rewards.

Then, after a lot of people started to leave the game on their server, they’ve created assistant, who gave opportunity to waste less time on game and save some people in game.

Bot’s purpose

It may seem strange to you, but bot’s purpose is not “Make you win”.

“Game of sultans” from one side has amazing system of developing your viziers and consorts, which makes you think a lot at start, but gives you an opportunity to build a strategy with minimal factor or random.

From other side it has a lot of game mechanics, that force you to create alternative sultans – twinks:

  • feasts;
  • friends invites;
  • union/ union war contribution;
  • some events: pirates, horserider, puzzles.

And we’re not talking yet about new sultan on new server: “now I will make it right!”. However, people do not stop playing on the old server, as there are friends, a union, etc. Or people pick up the sultans of friends who have left the game.

Accordingly, a decent portion of the players begins to disperse their efforts, spending a lot of time on the game.

Let’s admit that after six months of the game, life becomes very monotonous in terms of rush cycle, union wars (alliances have already formed). And what if you play 2-5 characters? Wasting a lot of effort and time on the game, people begin to burn out and leave the game, emptying the server, leaving other players without competition, interest, communication.

It is with this problem that our bot is created to solve in the first place – to reduce the need for spending time on the routine in the game, which people are forced to do, if they want to maximize bonuses.

What about balance?

From the bot’s purpose follow very simple conclusions:

  • bot should minimize the routine in the game, as an intelligent active player;
  • bot should minimize it’s impact on the competition.

That is why such restrictions already exist:

  • limit on the maximum contribution to the alliance;
  • restriction on the growth of twinks in the talents/charm rush, where it can interfere with regular players;
  • Coalition quest limit and timeout;

And some restrictions will be added more, since we think, that some bot tasks are not balanced enough.

Also, it is useless to ask us to implement a bot for events requiring accuracy, wisdom and speed from players. For example: Daggers, Romance of Sultan, the last blow to the Fortress, catching gold chests in Hunting. Since this is contrary to the purpose of creating a bot.

If this upsets you so much, that you prefer to use a clicker or other methods, we will be sad, but we will not change our opinion.

Pay2Win already hurts game very much. Therefore, let’s save players in the game, save the opportunity to compete with them. What is the point of being top 1 on a dead server?

How does it work

The bot plays as usual gamer from his device: logs in, does his duty, logs out. Settings changes apply every 10 minutes.

The bot does nothing usual players can’t do with their twinks. He only automates manual routines to save player’s time.

The bot doesn’t break any game rules, doesn’t use errors or exploits. Also the bot are limited by his creators to not break game balance too much. For example union war contribution is limited by 20000-25000 diamonds.

You can try out bot for free and fill one banquet for 10 guests. You just need to sign in with any google account and add your sultan by his open ingame id.

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