FAQ for Khan

Educational videos

Click the relevant option to watch the video: Adding via email or Google account. Here it’s simple, but it’s necessary to separate Google account linking from email linking. If the game is linked to an email (login with username and password), then in the assistant, you should choose the same method – clicking the envelope icon, even if it’s a Gmail account. The Google icon should only be chosen when you log into the game through a Google account (like on Android).

Where to read news about the work of the series?

All news about work or changes are published in the news feed on the main page (tab “Assistats”). Do not close the inscriptions at the top of the page until you have read them, so as not to miss important information.
Extended information and recommendations are submitted via bot in telegram. Activate it and leave it active to start receiving important notifications directly in Telegram.

Link for activate

Create an account

An account is created automatically after the first authorization on the helper site https://sultansgame.com/bot
For authorization, use a Google account or telegram. To do this, click “login with google” or “telegram” respectively.

Bot mail or bot login – this is the Google or Telegram that was used to enter the site. This mail can be viewed by clicking on the profile icon at the top right of our website.

IMPORTANT! If you change the telegram name or log in using another Google account, you will not get into your account, but create a new one!

In order to add character  you need to click the “+” icon and enter the login data from the game.

You can add unlimited accounts from the game.

IMPORTANT! Google does not allow being in more than 10 accounts at the same time. If there is a problem with such a restriction, you need to click on the profile icon on the google.com page and then log out of all accounts. It does not affect the work of the assistant in any way.

What can assistant for Khan

The assistant enters the game instead of you and performs the following tasks:

  • collects advertising prizes
  • collects card rewards
  • uses a free call for advisors and a call for ads
  • collects resources
  • visits concubines in the Harem
  • performs concubines events in the Garden
  • Teach children
  • receives Shaman’s blessing
  • receives gifts from children in marriage
  • cancels the love of children
  • teaches a team of advisors (only when reaching auto mode in the game)
  • watching ads at the academy
  • collects prizes of honor
  • decides matters in the Throne Room
  • collect daily quest prizes
  • fulfills the tasks of the heirs in the Suburbia
  • wanders
  • receives flowers for Friendship for advertising
  • contributes to the Horde
  • makes a contribution, completes the task of the warrior, receives help, digs mines, completes tasks, can buy saltpeter, converts saltpeter into bombs in the Legion
  • beats python
  • summons troops for the Battle of the Hordes (if the Horde and the player are registered for the war) and helps with the conscription of co-hordes

In VIP mode, all of the above functions have been added:

  • passage of the Hunt
  • hunt for the king

Also, the assistant can perform some tasks if you click the wrench next to Khan’s name:

  • conquer the world
  • drain Choice Forage
  • merge Knowledge Spheres

If I have an iPhone?

The device from which is login does not matter. Now you can add a sultan with a FB, VK, e-mail or Google linked.


*for the game Khan, adding via VK and Google is available

My character hasn’t bind to Google, Facebook or VK account! What to do?

To use functions in “assistants” tab, character must be linked toFacebook, VK, Google or mail.

*for the game Khan, adding via VK and Google is available


How to add a character via VK

  1. In the “assistant” tab, click on the adding button icon “+”
  2. Enter the server number
  3. Press the VK button
  4. Insert a link with a token from the VK page ***
  5. Press “YES”
  6. If everything is done correctly, appear the name of character from the game then click the “Add” button

*** Link with token. In order to get this link, you need:

  • go to the VK page in the browser to which the character is attached
  • in the “assistants” tab, in the form of adding the sultan, click “VKontakte link”
  • copy the address of the opened page – this is the link with the VK token

Video instruction can be viewed here

I cannot add the character, system writes that it has already been added.

Please prepare the following information:

– Screen of this error
– The mail of your account is (not a screen, pls). To view your mail, you need to click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
– Your character’s ID from the game (not at the screen).

With this information and a description of the situation, contact our technical support service (see at the bottom of the page)

I added the character, what next?

Congratulations, now you can use the service 🙂
In order to activate the assistant with coupons, you need to click the clock icon to the right of the character’s name.
The cost of the assistant’s work in coupons:
in standard mode – 10 coupons per week
in VIP mode – 20 coupons per week

To activate the VIP mode, you need to click the icon with the VIP icon.

The assistant’s settings menu is opened by clicking on the character’s name.

How to buy coupons? Where can I see it?

The number of the coupons you can see in rectangular window at the top of page (left of the profile icon).

To make a purchase, you need to click on this area and then follow the instructions of the system.

Choose the ruble (RUB) or hryvnia (UAH) button, in any case, currency conversion is occur automatically – the debiting will take place in the currency of your card.

If choose UAH button, for some countries possible additional choice of USD. This switches of currency becomes available at the end stage payment – when entering the payer’s details.
If the USD switch did not appear and/or the payment failed, then you need to make sure that “double conversion” is allowed on the card for payments abroad.

If you have problems with payments, please contact our support team (contact details at the bottom of the page).

What is the “Twinks” tab in Khan?

If you put Khan in this tab, then the assistant will only collect diamonds, make contributions to the horde and perform Legion tasks.

The assistant prevents me from playing

This is a natural process.
If the assistant is activated, it enters the game to complete tasks. If you want to play on your own, so as not to interfere with each other, pause the assistant.
It is possible to pause the assistant for 15/30 minutes or until it is turned on again.
The “pause” button is to the left of the sultan’s name (“II”).

I can’t change my google account

If after click on the “log out” button on the bot’s website you stiil log in the same one, then you need to do the following:
1. Go to google.com
2. Click the profile icon
3. Click the “sign out” button

After that, you can change your account on the bot’s website.

How to transfer an account

Click the profile icon, click “account transfer” and log in to the account you want to transfer from.
You can only transfer everything at once – coupons, sultans, assistants.

Transfers can be made between Google/Google or Google/Telegram or Telegramm/Telegramm accounts.

If you need to transfer an individual character, and not the entire account at once, contact technical support, contact details are listed at the bottom of the page.

The cost of the transfer procedure is 10 coupons.

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