FAQ for Sultan

Educational videos

Click the relevant option to watch the video: Adding via email or Google account. Here it’s simple, but it’s necessary to separate Google account linking from email linking. If the game is linked to an email (login with username and password), then in the assistant, you should choose the same method – clicking the envelope icon, even if it’s a Gmail account. The Google icon should only be chosen when you log into the game through a Google account (like on Android).

Where to read news about the work of the series?

All news about work or changes are published in the news feed on the main page (tab “Assistats”). Do not close the inscriptions at the top of the page until you have read them, so as not to miss important information.
Extended information and recommendations are submitted via bot in telegram. Activate it and leave it active to start receiving important notifications directly in Telegram.

Link for activate

Create an account

An account is created automatically after the first authorization on the helper site https://sultansgame.com/bot
For authorization, use a Google account or telegram. To do this, click “login with google” or “telegram” respectively.

Bot mail or bot login – this is the Google or Telegram that was used to enter the site. This mail can be viewed by clicking on the profile icon at the top right of our website.

IMPORTANT! If you change the telegram name or log in using another Google account, you will not get into your account, but create a new one!

In order to add character  you need to click the “+” icon and enter the login data from the game.

You can add unlimited accounts from the game.

IMPORTANT! Google does not allow being in more than 10 accounts at the same time. If there is a problem with such a restriction, you need to click on the profile icon on the google.com page and then log out of all accounts. It does not affect the work of the assistant in any way.

How sultansgame.com/bot works

Our resource is a set of solutions aimed at ensuring that even a busy person can stay in the game.
The link https://sultansgame.ru/bot opens the functionality, which includes three tabs:

– banquets
– twinks
– assistants

Banquets. This tab was created for get help in banquets closing and feasts closing. For every twink who made a contribution of 500 diamonds to your banquet, 1 coupon will be debited from the account.

Twinks. It is worth adding the Sultan to this tab, from whom it is only expected to throw federation tasks, drop chests on the hunt and collect diamonds.

Assistants. Here you will get automated the process:
collection of resources,
training at the academy,
collection of federation tasks,
tributes from ambassadors,
diamonds from the palace,
and much more.

The cost of this functionality in the standard mode is 10 coupons per week, in the VIP mode – 20 coupons per week.
More detailed information is located below in the questions and answers.

If I have an iPhone?

The device from which is login does not matter. Now you can add a sultan with a FB, VK, e-mail or Google linked.


*for the game Khan, adding via VK and Google is available

My character hasn’t bind to Google, Facebook or VK account! What to do?

To use functions in “assistants” tab, character must be linked toFacebook, VK, Google or mail.

*for the game Khan, adding via VK and Google is available


How to add a character via VK

  1. In the “assistant” tab, click on the adding button icon “+”
  2. Enter the server number
  3. Press the VK button
  4. Insert a link with a token from the VK page ***
  5. Press “YES”
  6. If everything is done correctly, appear the name of character from the game then click the “Add” button

*** Link with token. In order to get this link, you need:

  • go to the VK page in the browser to which the character is attached
  • in the “assistants” tab, in the form of adding the sultan, click “VKontakte link”
  • copy the address of the opened page – this is the link with the VK token

Video instruction can be viewed here

How to add a sultan via Facebook

Adding requires some skill
Video instruction can be viewed here

  1. In the “Assistant” tab, clicking on the “+” button will open the form for adding
  2. Enter the server number of the Sultan
  3. Enter a link with a game token from Facebook *
  4. Enter game identifier from Facebook **

Where to get a link with a game token from Facebook *

  • enter the browser (exactly in the browser) to the Facebook profile to which the sultan is attached
  • on the site sultansgame.ru in the form of adding the sultan, click on the “Facebook link”
  • In the window that opens, you need to copy the page link – this is the link with the game token from Facebook *
    ATTENTION! This should be done almost instantly! Facebook will hide the link address after 1 second!
    If you did not have time to copy the link before the inscription:
    SECURITY WARNING: Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone.
    Then go back to the add form and click on the “Facebook link” again

    You need to have time to copy it before this inscription appears

How to get game identifier from Facebook**:

  • enter the Facebook website in the menu
  • click “settings”
  • in “Permissions” click “Apps and Sites”
  • select game Game of Sultans
    ATTENTION! Choose only Game of Sultans. If you select, for example, Game of Sultans (hw) – this will not work
  • in the window that opens, find and copy the digital ID of the game.

Video instruction can be viewed here

I cannot add the character, system writes that it has already been added.

Please prepare the following information:

– Screen of this error
– The mail of your account is (not a screen, pls). To view your mail, you need to click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
– Your character’s ID from the game (not at the screen).

With this information and a description of the situation, contact our technical support service (see at the bottom of the page)

What is VIP Mode?

VIP mode expands the capabilities of the assistant and adds the following functions:

Increases the daily quest limit of the federation to 40 pieces

As the game develops, the feature set will change as well.

Assistant in VIP mode costs 20 coupons per week. The increase in cost is regulated by the work-time: you can switch the assistant to VIP mode at any time, but the work-time will decrease by twice.

Activation is possible when the remainder of the coupons is 14 days or more.
Shutdown (return to standard mode) is possible no earlier than 7 days after activation.

I added the character, what next?

Congratulations, now you can use the service 🙂
In order to activate the assistant with coupons, you need to click the clock icon to the right of the character’s name.
The cost of the assistant’s work in coupons:
in standard mode – 10 coupons per week
in VIP mode – 20 coupons per week

To activate the VIP mode, you need to click the icon with the VIP icon.

The assistant’s settings menu is opened by clicking on the character’s name.

How to buy coupons? Where can I see it?

The number of the coupons you can see in rectangular window at the top of page (left of the profile icon).

To make a purchase, you need to click on this area and then follow the instructions of the system.

Choose the ruble (RUB) or hryvnia (UAH) button, in any case, currency conversion is occur automatically – the debiting will take place in the currency of your card.

If choose UAH button, for some countries possible additional choice of USD. This switches of currency becomes available at the end stage payment – when entering the payer’s details.
If the USD switch did not appear and/or the payment failed, then you need to make sure that “double conversion” is allowed on the card for payments abroad.

If you have problems with payments, please contact our support team (contact details at the bottom of the page).

How to set up catching quests in federation?

First, take a close look at the settings menu for federation, then proceed with the setup.
It is important to know that the assistant will be work in the federation only within specified time intervals (the time between “start” and “finish”).
So, if the time is set to 00:00 – 23:59, the assistant catches quests around the clock, do not leave these fields empty.

If quests limits are set by your federation rules, they can be set in the “quests limits” fields. The limits also take into account those tasks that the player catches on their own.

Timeout in seconds – this is the time after which the assistant will react to the quest in the game. For example, if 10 seconds is specified, then normal work is considered to take the quest after 10-15 seconds.

The rest of the settings are fairly obvious and don’t require focusing on its.

Daily quests limits:
standard mode – 30pcs (in total)
VIP mode – 40 pcs (in total)

The assistant is bad at catching tasks!

To say that there is a problem, three conditions must be met. So check the following first:

1. The assistant has not collected even half of the daily limit by 22-23 pm?
2. Are quests hanging in the game, but the assistant does not respond to its?
3. Your must be sure that anyone don’t interfere with the work assistant? Because each entry to the game knocks it out in a timeout of up to 10 minutes, like each change to the settings.

If you are sure in your settings, and the assistant still works poorly, contact our technical support with a description of the problem and indicating the Sultan’s ID.

How to spend flags in the arena, orbs in the harem, etc.?

The menu of these tasks is activated by clicking on the wrench, which is located to the right of the sultan’s name.
The helper spends flags on the last opponent in the arena.

You cannot enter the game while the task is turned on!
The task can be performed up to 40 minutes, so as not to interfere with the process, do not do anything with the Sultan until the wrench changes color.

What is a Twinkie tab?

Many players have twinks that are only used to submit quests to the federation and contribute to the alliance.

In the “Twinks” tab, you can add such a sultan in the same way as an assistant, and the bot will collect prizes and diamonds in:
Collect AD rewards
Collect divination rewards
Collect ranking honor rewards
Make union contribution
Claim daily coalition reward 
Complete own Coalition quest
Claim union quest prizes – can be customized

Please note that most of the features are enabled by default and are not available in the settings.

If you want to transfer the assistant to the rank of a twink or vice versa – there is the button in the settings, it is located at the top near to the name of the Sultan.

Twink job cost – 2 coupons per week

The assistant prevents me from playing

This is a natural process.
If the assistant is activated, it enters the game to complete tasks. If you want to play on your own, so as not to interfere with each other, pause the assistant.
It is possible to pause the assistant for 15/30 minutes or until it is turned on again.
The “pause” button is to the left of the sultan’s name (“II”).

How to fill feasts? How to add twinks for banquets?

After adding the sultan to the “sultans” tab, turn on “close banquets” engine.
From that moment, personal twinks for your sultan were created and began to grow. That’s it, you don’t need to do anything else.

In a few days (on average, 2 to 10 days), the inscription befor the engine will change to “let’s banquets are ready.” From now on, any banquet you open (on this sultan) will be closed by twinks. Each twink will bring 500 diamonds.

Twinks grow 1 time, they will be ready for all subsequent banquets.
It should be remembered that the number of diamonds in twinks is not unlimited and you may well face a situation where the system cannot help you if you open many banquets in a row.
Do not consider our service as a 100% tool for winning the rating in the last minutes!

The number of visitors from our service can be reduced. To do this, write the number in the field * “number of visits”.
* if you want to close banquets and feasts completely, do not write anything in the “number of visitors” field.

I can’t change my google account

If after click on the “log out” button on the bot’s website you stiil log in the same one, then you need to do the following:
1. Go to google.com
2. Click the profile icon
3. Click the “sign out” button

After that, you can change your account on the bot’s website.

How to transfer an account

Click the profile icon, click “account transfer” and log in to the account you want to transfer from.
You can only transfer everything at once – coupons, sultans, assistants.

Transfers can be made between Google/Google or Google/Telegram or Telegramm/Telegramm accounts.

If you need to transfer an individual character, and not the entire account at once, contact technical support, contact details are listed at the bottom of the page.

The cost of the transfer procedure is 10 coupons.

How do I use the kitchen function? How it works?

If you enable this function, then at 18:00 the assistant will enter the game and will look for the most valuable food to eat.
If it doesn’t find it – eats simple food.

How to collect chests in the ruins?

In the settings you need to choose the moments of collection of chests: the bot can collect chest at the opening, at the first and refresh of chests (as well as at all these intervals).
Bot at the specified times will go in to the box with chests and spend energy (maximum 30) to collect the chests by the weakest vizer.
At the start or every time the vizer is killed, the map cell will be selected depending on the time:

Chests were updated less than 2 minutes ago – the assistant will go to the yellow cell;
Chests updated less than 15 minutes ago – the assistant will go to the blue cell;
If there are no players left in the cell, and the chests are gone, the assistant will spend 5 energy to change the cell.

Recommendations (ruins)

Don’t leave the vizer alive on a green or grey cell between chest updates. The assistant at the entrance to the Ruins in this case will begin to collect chests in the cell where alive vizier is located.
Do not knock the assistant out of the game at the moment when you need to collect chests. If you’re worried about the result, go 5 minutes after the chests are updated.
You must not run assistant tasks close to the time the chests are updated. In this case, the assistant may be late.
Restrictions (ruins)

Food is not used, as in this case the assistant in the first minutes can empty the cell from the chests, which is not fair.
The assistant does not use strong advisors and does not hit the advisors of other players (except when you need to suicide and change the cell on the map).

What about pets?

If this function is active: collects resources, collects gifts from the pet, you can set up playing (pet) the pet.


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